China Mosque

Chinese Islamic mosque building shapes and forms of art. China MosqueDivided into two systems: one is the main wooden structure, which Chinese traditional architectural style of the mosque, is Chinese specific shapes Islamic architecture; two is to Arabia architectural style, knead in some features of China local or national mosque. The existing China mosque for the vast majority of yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty created or rebuilt. Ming dynasty built the temple, has a distinctive Chinese characteristics in aspects of general layout, architectural form, architectural decoration, courtyard treatment, the Qing Dynasty is the period of development China Islam, China unique mosque building shapes in this time to complete.

I. China traditional architectural style of the mosque

Chinese mosque, now see most of the Yuan period, especially since the Ming and Qing Dynasties created or rebuilt. The Ming Dynasty mosque, in all aspects of the overall layout, building type, building decoration, garden etc., have distinctive characteristics Chinese. The Qing Dynasty is the development of Islamic architecture in Chinese peak period, special building type Chinese mosque is completely formed at this time.

A. The layout of China courtyard

China mosque a majority of the Chinese traditional courtyard and is often a series of courtyard system. Its characteristic is along the axis of a sequence, rhythmic arrangement of space sequence into the courtyard, forming a complete set of: each courtyard have functional requirements unique and artistic characteristics, and step by step, layer upon layer drawing, co expression with a complete architectural style.

The Great Mosque

The Great Mosque

B. Chinese and Western architectural decoration

Rich and colorful decoration of the building, is an important part of China mosque architecture art, is one of the distinctive features China mosque architecture. Mosques are successfully combines Islamic decoration style and China traditional architectural decoration, grasp the building color tone, the religious content of prominent Islamic, make full use of Chinese traditional decorative means to obtain the rich features of the decorative effect of Islam.

Shandong Jining Mosque

Shandong Jining Mosque

C. Treatment of Chinese taste rich garden

China mosque has strong life of the garden style, reflect the China Muslims do not tired, pay attention to the reality of the world customs attitude to life. They planted flowers and trees in the temple, incense burner, a setting tank, hanging plaque, stone pinnacle, fossorial bridge, big “bridges” garden style. Just imagine, people stroll courtyard in the completion of serious religious homework I,, watch the curl of cigarettes, spit aromatic flowers, standing on the bridge, listening to the gurgling water reward goldfish play, it is how happy heart.

niujie mosque

Niujie mosque

II. Arabia architectural style Mosque

A. The architectural features of the early mosque Chinese

In China, to Arabia architectural style has many mosques. The mosque, located in the Xinjiang Uygur minority area; in the mainland, or some old early, or in recent years is the new temple.
Tang and Song Dynasties is Islam came into China period, but also in the Chinese during the period of Islamic architecture, is also known as the Islamic architectural transplant period. The remains of this period mosque is number not much, but in the southeast coastal area.

Quanzhou mosque

Quanzhou mosque

B. Arabia style of contemporary new mosque

After the liberation, especially after the party’s eleven plenary session, the new mosque like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Many of the temple on the Arabia architectural form and style, the Islamic architectural features more prominent. Nanguan mosque in Yinchuan, Jinzhou City, Beijing Chinese mosque, Islamic Institute, are typical of this style.

Yinchuan Nanguan Mosque

Yinchuan Nanguan Mosque

C. European style of the mosque

European style of the mosque is rare, but there are also, this form of mosque built in special period. Such as Harbin Tatar mosque.

Harbin Mosque

Harbin Mosque


D. Xinjiang Uygur region Mosque

Xinjiang Uygur region of the mosque, in general can be divided into five types: the Ai Te Karl mosque, the mosque, the mosque on alley, Mazar mosque, Yetimu temple.

Kashir Mosque

Kashir Mosque


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