Shanghai Halal Restaurant

Currently in Shanghai there are more than 4 different flavors of the restaurant, but only about 70 Muslim restaurant. We have to solve to the Muslims of Shanghai compatriots can’t find Halal Restaurant difficulties, especially recommended Shanghai authentic halal restaurants.

Shanghai Muslim Restaurant

Hongkou District

No Restaurant Address Phone

01 Affandi Hongkou District Tianshan Quyang road hotel building 775 B1 65559604

02 Yi Ni XJ flavor (East Bay shop) Hongkou District East Bay Road No. 98 (near Baoshan Road)

03 Ai Ni Quyang Ba billion Hongkou District Road No. 751

Xuhui District

01 Uyghur restaurant (Yishan branch) Xuhui District Yishan Road No. 280 (Nandan road Puhuitang Road) 64689198

02 XJ Kashi cuisine restaurant in Xuhui District No. 98 Longhua West Road (near Longhua Road) 64569852

03 YERI Natsu Ali (Tianlin branch) Xuhui District Tianlin Road No. 411 (near Liuzhou Road) 64519797

04 XJ Snow Lotus Restaurant Xuhui District old humin Road No. 689 (Meilong Road)

05 Assmann Xuhui District Fuxing Road 1251 (near Xiangyang Road) 64711388

06 YERI Natsu Ali (Fenglin branch) Xuhui District Fenglin Road No. 147 (nearly 64038882 Muslim Road)

The 07 furnaces, XJ restaurant in Xuhui District No. 322 Liuzhou Road (near Caobao Road) 64840187

08 Pearl Shanghai Hotel Xuhui District Zhaojiabang Road No. 212 (South Shaanxi Road) 64310880

09 Silk Road restaurant in Xuhui District Zhongshan road 2331 (near Kaixuan Road) 51575157

10 XJ restaurant in Xuhui District Urumqi Road

Pudong New Area

01 Mina meal Pudong New Area Meihua Road No. 975-977 50595337

02 Kashi friendly restaurant Pudong New Area Deping Road No. 42 (near Pudong Road)

03 Pudong New Area alamukhan cuckoo Road No. 320 (Pittosporum Road) 68946096

04 Ana M Khan restaurant in Pudong New Area 873 Mall Road (near Century Avenue) 58792215

05 Gu Lu pomegranate restaurant GULISTAN Metro science and Technology Museum Station Asia Pacific event (C-05) 68548973

Changning District

01 Uyghur restaurant Changning District Kaixuan Road No. 532 (near Anhua Road) 62124321

02 Yi Ni XJ flavor (Moutai Road shop) Changning District Moutai road and Zunyi Road

03 YERI Natsu Ali (Tianshan branch) Changning District 655 days Hill Road (near Furongjiang Road) 62748367

04 XJ Macy Fu Restaurant Changning District Kaixuan Road 1600 (near Ningxia Road) 62865718

05 XJ restaurant in Changning District No. 532 Kaixuan Road (near Anhua Road) 62124321

06 XJ flavor Moutai Road No. 112 (between Zunyi road and Loushanguan Road)

07 XJ restaurant 825 Dingxi road Changning District (near West Yan’an Road) 52580879

Baoshan District

01 Friendship Road Ban Cheng Baoshan District No. 49 (near east forest road) 66799983

Luwan District

01 Uyghur restaurant (Shaanxi Road Branch) Luwan District No. 1 Shaanxi Road (near Yanan Road) 62550843

The 02 sheep flocks of Luwan District 351 Luban Road (Xietu Road) 63054473

Yangpu District

01 Tianchi restaurant (Zhengmin Road shop) Zheng Min Lu, Yangpu District 415

02 Tianchi restaurant (Chifeng branch) Hongkou District No. 184 Chifeng Road (near Mi Yun Lu) 65987464

03 halal Muslim restaurant in Yangpu District Miyun Road No. 508 (near Chifeng Road)

Zhabei District

01 Taremu Zhabei District Pushan road 70, 56554971

Kang Le Lu 02 restaurants in Urumqi No. 205 Zhabei District (Near East Tianmu Road)

03 authentic Zhabei District restaurant XJ Pingxingguan Road No. 237

Huangpu District

The 01 Huangpu District road Zhejiang (near Fuzhou Road)

02 Muslim food Zhejiang Road No. 70 (Beihai road Guangdong Road) 63229037

03 XJ Yili restaurant in Huangpu District Yunnan Road No. 5

04 Dong Yishun Huangpu District No. 70 Zhejiang Road (near Canton Road) 63510556

The 05 wind building Muslim Huangpu District No. 353 Henan Road (near the square Creek Road) 63260986

06 restaurants in Yili apple orchard in Huangpu District Guangdong Road No. 587 (near Zhejiang Road)

07 Alibaba people of Huangpu District Road No. 930 (near Shouning Road) 63287035

Jingan District

Xikang Road 01 East Yakexi No. 379 Jingan District (near Wuding Road) 62673755

02 Uyghur restaurant in Jingan District No. 166 Fumin Road (near Julu road 54033237

03 Ati M the Islamic Museum (Changping Road shop) Jingan District No. 665 Changping Road (near Changde Road) 62997887

04 Ati M the Islamic Museum (Kangding Road shop) Jingan District No. 338 Kangding Road (near Jiangning Road) 52130469

05 XJ Yining expedition restaurant Jingan District Yuyuan Road number 20 (Urumqi road junction) 13611603279

06 Wahap lamb kebabs in Jingan District No. 58 Jiaozhou Road (near Yuyuan Road)

Minhang District

01 Ai Ni Baba restaurant (Min Hangdian) 1555 Meilong Road (Ring Road subway a line outside the station south exit)

02 XJ specialty Minhang District Dongchuan Road opposite Shanghai Jiao Tong University

03 XJ Hotel Minhang District Dongchuan road Jiaotong University Campus opposite

Putuo District

01 the Taklimakan restaurant in Putuo District Jinsha River Road (near Yangliuqing Road) 64601544

02 YERI Natsu Ali (Wu Ningdian) Putuo District No. 2136 Wuning Road (Yangliuqing Road) 52802636

03 Affandi Putuo District Traffic Road No. 1333 Karamay Hotel 1 floor 56088677

04 traveling Jujube halal Pavilion at the Putuo District Road, East China Normal University (Jinsha River Road near the back door)

05 XJ Maimaiti restaurant in Putuo District Jinsha River Road No. 259 (nearly Yangliuqing Road) 62233366